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Chef Tuoyo is an online Nigeria frozen food delivery ordering platform where we delivery across the United Kingdom. We are based in the heart of Bedfordshire. Why not give us a trial today!

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Oha Soup

Oha soup is a traditional Nigerian soup that originates from the Igbo ethnic group. It is characterized by its distinctive flavour, which is achieved through the use of oha leaves, a type of leafy green vegetable, and a variety of traditional seasonings.

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Efo Riro Soup

Eforiro soup is a flavourful and popular Nigerian dish, hailing from the Yoruba ethnic group. It is known for its vibrant green appearance and rich taste. The main ingredients in Eforiro soup typically include fluted pumpkin leaves (ugu), a variety of meat or seafood (such as beef, chicken, or fish), and ground crayfish.

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Emeka R.

Thanks Chef Tuoyo for the wonderful meal.

Janet Z.

Thanks for the prompt online delivery service you offered to me and my family. Your food is delicious and I will certainly order more from you soon.

Ola S.

Thanks for the catering service and will certainly patronise again.

Femi A.

I tried this African food and I enjoyed it. Well done guys.

Rose B.

Great Jollof! I will try your meal deal soon.

Amaka S.

Thanks Chef tuoyo for the prompt delivery. I will surely visit again.

Yusuf L.

Delicious food for the food king in South East.

Mike K.

Thanks for the wonderful meal. God bless you.

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